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    Guangzhou Zunbo Medical Devices Co., Ltd was founded in 2007. After  years of rapid development, Zunbo  has become a professional sales company in ART(Assisted Reproductive Technology) field, with its integrated sales network, the turnover in 2011 was over 50 million RMB. 


    In 2009, Zunbo became the authorized distributor of Vitrolife ( Sweden AB) in south China, the main business is to build and promote Vitrolife brand  in  IVF field. With tremendous efforts we have made, Vitrolife culture media has taken more 60% of market share in our region, and Zunbo medical has been rewarded continuously as the sales rising star in 2010 and 2011, and our sales increase rate was more than 150%. With our outstanding promotion ability, quality control and service, Zunbo medical has become a uprising power in Chinese Fertility market.


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