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Equipment to improve the success rate
Viftrolife provide efficient and safe nutrient solution products. On reproductive physiology of long-term research and the study of embryonic development has brought the most advanced culture solution for auxiliary help reproductive technology to use.
Every batch of nutrient solution in the strict quality control testing, including the customer delivery before the rat embryo test (MEA). All the material used to produce our nutrient solution before each use strict quality control and MEA program testing and evaluation. Every factory batches have detection analysis certificate.

For each step of nutrient solution
The development of G5 series ™ imitate female genital tract environment. G5 series ™ includes supplementary (PLUS type) and not add type two kinds. Additional series of products can be and G5 series ™ or classic series collocation is used. Help reproductive technology to use.

Take the egg operation equipment
Air purification system
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