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Sperm preparation




Designed for preparation of spermatozoa. 


For preparation of spermatozoa
The swim-up migration technique is a simple preparation method commonly used for normal semen samples. SpermRinse™ is a HEPES buffered medium for sperm preparations. It contains the necessary carbohydrates and antibiotics for maintained function.

Multifunctional solution
SpermRinse™ can be used for washing of sperm, swim-up procedures and dilution of SpermGrad™ for density-gradient centrifugation.

Product description:
Product insert_SpermRinse
Application field:

Purpose:For sperm preparation.
Description:Bicarbonate and HEPES buffered medium containing human serum albumin.
Application:For use after equilibration at +37°C and 5 % CO2 or ambient atmosphere.
Storage:Store dark at +2 to +8ºC.

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