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OVOIL is the gold standard of culture oil in IVF with excellent embryo development.

OVOIL is 100% paraffin oil produced in a highly controlled process from extensively tested LOTs of raw materials. The combination of product integrity and testing secures your results and enhances control of your culture system.


The importance of oil for IVF outcome
Most clinics use oil to cover embryo culture dishes in order to maintain stable temperature, osmolality and pH. The quality of such oil is very important for IVF success. The oil types commonly used are mineral oil, paraffin oil or a mixture of both these oil types.

Oil is not just oil

Oils from five different manufacturers were tested and embryo development and viability was evaluated1, se Fig 1 and 2. OVOIL™ showed significantly better development (p<0.01), for all embryo viability parameters studied, number of cells in the trophectoderm and in the inner cell mass, and total number of cells in the blastocysts.

Paraffin oil gives better development

Table showing data on OVOIL
Paraffin oil and mineral oil are chemically slightly different. The polycarbon lipid tail of mineral oil contains more unsaturated bonds than the more saturated paraffin oil. This makes mineral oil more unstable and prone to attack by free oxygen radicals and photo-oxidation than stable paraffin oil.

In a study by Tae et al. 2 published in 2005, mouse embryo development was studied in cultures overlaid with either washed mineral or sterile paraffin oil. Sterile filtered paraffin oil overlay resulted in significantly higher (p < 0.05) development rate to morula (44.8% versus 30.6%) and blastocyst (32.8% versus 21.7%) than washed mineral oil.

1. D.Linck, SIRT 2008.
2. (Tae, J.C. et al. J. Assist Reprod & Gen. 2005)

Product description:
Application field:

Purpose:For covering of medium during in vitro fertilisation and micro-manipulation procedures.
Description:Sterile light paraffin oil.
Application:Ready-to-use after pre-equilibration at +37°C and 5 % CO2, 6 % CO2 or ambient atmosphere, depending on the intended use.
Storage:Store dark at +2 to +8°C.

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