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Vitrolife consumables




Closed system for simple and successful vitrification.


Working together for you
Rapid-i Vitrification System™ puts you in control. The method, media, device and accessories have all you need to simplify your workflow – from dehydration and storage to warming.

Surface tension in a micro droplet
Rapid-i is a closed vitrification system. Loading the Rapid-i is as simple as it is smart. By holding embryos with surface tension in a micro droplet, vitrification is done in a flash without contact with liquid nitrogen.

From clutter to control
The SmartBox keeps you well organised and safe. As an “extra hand”, it increases working comfort and reduces the risk of unintentional warming. The top slots and magnetic holders keep Rapid-i straws upright and in order during vitrification, sealing and opening.

Minimised exposure
The Rapid-i method and workflow moves quickly and smoothly. Exposure to cryoprotectants is minimised by a series of short dehydration and rehydration steps performed at 37°C.

An unbroken cold chain
The method has fast and effective handling steps. From vitrification to storage embryos and oocytes are constantly submerged in liquid nitrogen to prevent unintentional warming.

Less stress
The method and SmartBox are arranged to maximize focus on each task without stress. For example, Rapid-i is sealed after vitrification making it simpler to keep critical timing.

Optimised formulation
Our vitrification media are buffered with MOPS to maintain stable pH during the vitrification and warming procedures. Moreover, they contain hyaluronan for optimised cryosurvival 1 and amino acids to support embryo metabolism.

1. Stojkovic M, et al. Effects of high concentrations of hyaluronan in culture medium on development and survival rates of fresh and frozen-thawed bovine embryos produced in vitro. Reproduction. 124 (1):141-53, 2002.

Canadian Design Registration Number 136112
U.S. Patent No. D642,697
European Community Design Registration Number 001222939-0001


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