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IVF workstation

Bio Clean Bench (Laminar Flow Hood)  

Bio Clean Bench (Laminar Flow Hood)




High Level of Cleanliness
Clean laminar downflow from the low static pressure loss HEPA filter (efficiency: 99.99% at 0.3 micron) maintains aseptic work environment. Air curtain at the front opening prevents the penetration of outside air.

Environmental Protection
Clear side panels (available with one-side access opening model only) maximize the user comfort during the operation. Exhaust HEPA filter minimize the heat build-up within the work zone and discharge clean filtered air into the room.

Reliable Airflow Monitoring
An airflow sensor monitors the velocity and shows the HEPA filter life on the indicator. An alarm lamp let the user know the time of HEPA filter replacement.

Easy Maintenance
Removable work tray brings out the easy cleaning and disinfecting process. Fluorescent and UV glow lamps are externally replaceable.


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